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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Excuse me. Im just having a mommy moment.

The other day I took my son to his weekly swimming lesson. He is usually really well behaved but this week he was awful. He wasn't paying attention and kept trying to crawl out of the pool to see his daddy sitting on the side watching. Embarrassed and a bit flustered by this frustrating behavior I did my best to get through the longest 30 minute swimming lesson of my life.

When it was over I raced to the change room to get him dressed. I was in an even bigger hurry because my significant other S had driven us to the lesson and had to get back to work. Usually I have the stroller to strap my toddler into when I'm finished dressing him. But on this day I didn't have it because S had driven us and I didn't think I would need it. K was putting up a fight, screaming and squirming and not cooperating despite all of my efforts.

I finished dressing him and took my mobile phone out of my bag to call S to come to the change room to get him so that I could change out of my swimwear. S came to get K and I was able to get changed, pack my bag and leave the change room in less than 5 minutes. In a big hurry we quickly returned home.

Once I got home I attempted to change my swim bag into my diaper bag hoping to spend the rest of the afternoon at the shopping centre where aircon was plentiful. But while I am doing this I realize that I couldn't find my mobile phone. Not only am I missing it but I am missing the zippered pouch I keep it in along with my debit and credit card. OH SHIT!

S asked me if if I was sure it wasn't in my bag. If I was really really sure it wasn't in my bag. Both times I said a matter a factly that I was 100% positive and that I knew exactly where I had left it in the change room at the swimming pool. So we return back to the swimming pool, check the change room, check with the front desk, file a missing property report and return home. 

At this point I am completely annoyed because my whole day has now been wrecked. My house is scorching hot, S is grumpy because he is now late for work, K is grumpy because he is starving and it is past his lunch time and we are stuck at home because we cannot leave without money or a mobile phone.

I start feeding K lunch and ws trying to find my paperwork to call the bank in Australia and in Canada and file a stolen card report. Just then I heard this really annoying ring tone. I had put an awful ringtone on my phone so I could hear it and always find it when K hides it on me or I misplace it. Without any doubt I knew the phone ringing was my "lost" mobile phone. 

Guess where my mobile phone was? In the front pocket of my swim bag where I always keep it. Coincidently it was also the pocket I checked 3 times but somehow did not find it there. I pulled it out of my bag and answered the phone only to have S on the other end saying "I told you so!".

Why didn't I think to call the number when I couldn't find it in the first place is beyond me. It was just a random lapse of all intellect right up there with the time I put the phone in the refrigerator and the milk in the cupboard.

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